Abe Natsumi Birthday Live 2012 ~Thanks All~

Abe NatsumiAbe Natsumi Birthday Live 2012 ~Thanks All~ (安倍なつみ Birthday Live 2012 ~thanks all~) will be released on DVD on December 12.

The concert was held by Abe Natsumi (ex Morning Musume) on August 10 at Shibuya-AX to celebrate her 31st birthday.

The DVD also includes a digest of her one-man live Abe Natsumi Sparkling Live 2012 ~Big Up!~ held on June 2 at Shibuya O-East.


  1. Surprise Planning
  2. Toumorokoshi to Sora to Kaze (トウモロコシと空と風)
  3. Kuchibiru de Tomete (くちびるで止めて)
  4. Hare Ame Nochi Suki (晴れ 雨 のち スキ) (Morning Musume Sakuragumi cover)
  5. Ameagari no Niji no You ni (雨上がりの虹のように)
  6. Sayonara Sae Ienu Mama (さよならさえ言えぬまま)
  7. Koi (恋)
  8. Tomoshibi (灯-ともしび-) (Oku Hanako cover)
  9. Senkou Hanabi (せんこう花火) (Morning Musume cover)
  10. Manatsu no Kousen (真夏の光線) (Morning Musume cover)
  11. I Wish (Morning Musume cover)
  12. Yuugure Sakusen Kaigi (夕暮れ作戦会議)
  13. Soyokaze (微風)
    – Encore –
  14. Furusato (ふるさと) (Morning Musume cover)
  15. Sora Life Goes on (空 Life Goes on)
  16. Itoshiki Hito (愛しき人)

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