Akamaru Dash☆ – Wonderful Smile


Akamaru Dash☆ - Wonderful Smile (Red ver.)Akamaru Dash☆ new single Wonderful Smile (ワンダフル☆スマイル) will be released on April 1st.

This is the 2nd single by Akamaru Dash☆.

Check out the MV. The dance practice videos have also been revealed.

In the music video, the members of the idol group participate in a quiz and challenges like on a Japanese TV variety show.

Wonderful Smile (ワンダフル☆スマイル) is the ending theme song for Pop Parade program on tvk in March.

4 editions are available, that is to say one per member of the idol unit. Each one is associated to the color of a girl.

Each CD contains 4 songs. Only the 4th track is different depending on the version.

Akamaru Dash☆ is produced by singer and actor Takeda Tetsuya.


  • CD
    1. Wonderful Smile (ワンダフル☆スマイル)
    2. Hit Parade Udon Soba (ヒッパレ☆うどんそば)
    3. Akai Mari no You ni (赤い鞠のように)
      1. UDON☆SHAKALAKA (Red ver.)
      2. Heartbeat (Green ver.)
      3. Chronos (クロノス) (Black ver.)
      4. Ashita mo Kitto Kyujoushou (明日もきっと急上昇☆) (White ver.)

Music Video (PV)

Akamaru Dash☆ - Wonderful Smile (Red ver.)

Red ver.

Akamaru Dash☆ - Wonderful Smile (Green ver.)

Green ver.

Akamaru Dash☆ - Wonderful Smile (Black ver.)

Black ver.

Akamaru Dash☆ - Wonderful Smile (White ver.)

White ver.

Akamaru Dash☆ (赤マルダッシュ☆)