AKB48 new groups TPE48 (Taipei), MNL48 (Manila), BNK48 (Bangkok)


AKB483 new overseas sister groups of AKB48 have been officially created : TPE48 in Taipei (Taiwan), MNL48 in Manila (Philippines) and BNK48 in Bangkok (Thailand).

This announcement was made on March 26th during AKB48 concert at Yokohama Stadium.

TPE48, MNL48 and BNK48 are going start activities during the year of 2016.

On stage, the members of AKB48, as well as fans, were very surprised and pleased by this news.

Further details will be announced later.




  1. Mandy Dieng

    Ça ne se terminera jamais.

  2. Dahyun

    Ffs I can’t support them anymore. I can’t stand watching my money going to the sewers like this.

  3. mayia

    Nouveaux groupes, chantants et dansants la même chose que le groupe mère, quel et l’intérêt pour nous?

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