Alice Juban adopted the Deglingos as new mascots


Alice No.10 (アリス十番) × Deglingos (デグリンゴス)Alice Juban (アリス十番) announced that they had adopted the Deglingos (デグリンゴス) as new official mascots for their live performances.

The Deglingos are stuffed animals created by a French brand. The characters are musicians dreaming to become idols someday.

In addition to appearing on stage during the live performances of Alice Juban, special editions of the Deglingos wearing the masks of the idol group will be on sale.

Each member of Alice Juban has been assigned a character.

  • Tachibana Anna : Bogos the Monkey
  • Watanabe Maari : Hippipos the Hippo
  • Fujisaki Asami : Jambonos the Pig
  • Sakura Nodoka : BigBos the Wolf
  • Mori Kanon : Pikos the Hedgehog
  • Hayase Ami : Croakos the Frog
  • Kawamura Nanaka : Sandykilos the Elephant

Alice Juban (アリス十番) × Deglingos (デグリンゴス)