Allover – Tatakai wa Korekara

Allover - Tatakai wa KorekaraAllover’s 3rd single Tatakai wa Korekara (戦いはこれから) will be released on February 20.

2 editions featuring different coupling songs performed by Team α and Team β are available.

Team α (alpha) consists of members from asfi, Anna☆S, Candy Go! Go, and Starmarie.

Team β (beta) consists of members from Nato☆Kan, DokiDoki☆Dream Campus, Smile☆Pocket, Pop’n Kiss, and Cover’s Doll.

Type A

  1. Tatakai wa Korekara (戦いはこれから)
  2. Amatsubu no Sou (雨粒の奏) (Team α)
  3. Tatakai wa Korekara (戦いはこれから) (Intstrumental)
  4. Amatsubu no Sou (雨粒の奏) (Instrumental) (Team α)

Type B

  1. Tatakai wa Korekara (戦いはこれから)
  2. Kaze Ride Oto (風Ride音) (Team β)
  3. Tatakai wa Korekara (戦いはこれから) (Intstrumental)
  4. Kaze Ride Oto (風Ride音) (Instrumental) (Team β)

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