Anna☆S – Start Line

Anna☆S - Start LineAnna☆S 6th single Start Line (スタートライン) will be released on February 27.

The CD contains 2 original songs and their alternative versions.

Anna☆S will hold a release event on February 27 at Shibuya Glad, Tokyo.


  1. Start Line (スタートライン)
  2. Suzuka no Oshigoto (涼夏のお仕事)
  3. Start Line (スタートライン 杏奈ソロver) (Anna Solo Version)
  4. Suzuka no Oshigoto (涼夏のお仕事 ず~っと一緒ver) (Zutto Issho Version)
  5. Start Line (スタートライン) (Instrumental)
  6. Suzuka no Oshigoto (涼夏のお仕事) (Instrumental)

Anna☆S – Start Line (Live)