3 new members join Band Ja Naimon!


Band Ja NaimonBand Ja Naimon! announced that 3 new members joined the group. Their names are Ramune (らむね), Shioringo (しおりんご), and Gumi (ぐみ).

The news was revealed on May 7 during their show on Ustream. It was a surprise for the original members Misako and Kacchan.

Moreover, Band Ja Naimon! will hold live performances titled Koi to Kakumei to Chimera to Band Ja Naimon! (~恋と革命とキメラとバンドじゃないもん!~) on May 24 at Shibuya O-East, and Shinsei Band Ja Naimon! Ohirome Kai (新生バンドじゃないもん!お披露目会) on June 8 at Akihabara Dear Stage.

The new members will make their debut at the 2nd concert.



  • Date : 24/05/2013
  • Time : –
  • Venue : Shibuya O-East, Tokyo
  • Line up :
    • Band Ja Naimon!
    • Kominami Yasuha
    • Urbangarde
  • Date : 08/06/2013
  • Time : –
  • Venue : Akihabara Dear Stage, Tokyo