Band Ja Naimon! – Band Ja Naimon! (album)

Band Ja Naimon!Band Ja Naimon!’s 1st album Band Ja Naimon! (バンドじゃないもん!) will be released on October 3.

The CD contains 7 songs including PahiPahi produced by Maeyamada Kenichi (Hyadain).

Band Ja Naimon! is an idol unit consisting of Misako and Kacchan.

Regular Edition

  • CD
    1. Opening! (オープニング!)
    2. PahiPahi (パヒパヒ)
    3. Banmon! no Theme (バンもん!のテーマ)
    4. Utau Music (歌うMusic)
    5. Back in You
    6. Ai no Sekai (アイの世界)
    7. Body Dake Lady (ボディーだけレディー)

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