Beboga! – Bimabe! / Natsu no Eien Girl

Beboga! - Bimabe! / Natsu no Eien Girl

Beboga! will release their new single Bimabe! / Natsu no Eien Girl (ビマベ!/夏の永遠ガール) on August 29th.

This is the 2nd major single by the idol group but also the last one.

It is a double A-side.

All members of Niji no Conquistador, the girls have recently announced the next dissolution of the sub-unit Beboga! (yellow NijiCon team).

Check out the MV of Bimabe! below. In it we get to see the group crossing the streets of the city and singing; the girls who cross paths and greet each other before spending time together for the rest of the day.

The single will be available in two editions.

The DVD will feature the music video.


  • CD
    1. Bimabe! (ビマベ!)
    2. Natsu no Eien Girl (夏の永遠ガール)
    3. Bimabe! (off vocal ver.)
    4. Natsu no Eien Girl (off vocal ver.)
  • DVD
    1. Bimabe! (Music Video)
  • Editions : A / B

Music Video (PV)

Beboga! - Bimabe! / Natsu no Eien Girl

Beboga! (ベボガ!)