Bellring Girls Heart – 13 Weeks Later EP

Bellring Girls Heart (Bellring少女ハート)Bellring Girls Heart‘s new mini-album 13 Weeks Later EP will be on sale on June 24.

This is the first release of the idol group featuring its new line-up.

Moreover, Bellring Girls Heart are going to hold their first overseas live performance in Taiwan on August 16.

13 Weeks Later EP includes 6 songs.

The idol group chose to perform in Taiwan because it is the homeland of Tira who is on hiatus for several months.

Bellring Girls Heart concert 鐘鈴少女心 will take place at The Wall.

The tickets sale is opened for fan club members on their official site since June 5.


  1. Thanatos to Masquerade (タナトスとマスカレード)
  2. Muzai : Honeymoon (無罪:Honeymoon)
  4. Hinadori Escalation (雛鳥エスカレーション)
  5. low tide
  6. Tetsu no Machi (鉄の街)

Bellring Girls Heart (Bellring少女ハート)

Bellring Girls Heart - 13 Weeks Later EP