Predia – Best of Predia 2010-2013 ~Reception~

Predia - Best of Predia 2010-2013 ~Reception~Predia‘s new album Best of Predia 2010-2013 ~Reception~ will be released on April 9.

Predia are going to make their major debut this summer.

Best of Predia 2010-2013 ~Reception~ includes the greatest hits of the idol group released during their indies era.

The list of the 18 songs was selected by the members themselves.

The album comes with a DVD featuring live footage of Predia Party 2012.

Best of Predia 2010-2013 ~Reception~ will be available on pre-sale on March 28 at the venue of their upcoming live performance.


  • CD
    1. Crazy Cat
    2. Hey Boy
    3. Sparkring
    4. Sunburned Heart
    5. Free (Remix)
    6. Silky Rain (シルキーレイン)
    7. one more yesterday
    8. Dia Love
    9. Diamond High Heels (Remix)
    10. you slipped away
    11. Hey Now!!
    12. Futari Kinenbi (ふたり記念日)
    13. Dream Of Love
    14. image
    15. Going to Ride (Remix)
    16. Negai (願い)
    17. Mid9t Luv
    18. Kimi Mitai ni (きみみたいに)
  • DVD ~Predia Party 2012~
    1. Sparkring
    2. Hey Boy
    3. image
    4. you slipped away
    5. Re: start game
    6. Dream Of Love
    7. Dia Love
    8. Diamond High Heels
    9. Melty Snow


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