°C-ute Concert Tour 2012-2013 Winter ~Shinsei Naru Pentagram~ Live Photobook

°C-ute°C-ute Concert Tour 2012-2013 Winter ~Shinsei Naru Pentagram~ Live Photobook (℃-ute コンサートツアー2012-2013冬~神聖なるペンタグラム~ 裏 ライブ写真集) will be released on March 9.

°C-ute Concert Tour 2012 Fuyu ~Shinsei Naru Pentagram~ was held between November 24, 2012 and February 2, 2013.

°C-ute’s 20th single Kono Machi (この街) has been released on February 6. They will also release Music V Tokushuu 4 ~Cutie Visual~ (ミュージックV特集 4 〜キューティービジュアル〜) on DVD on March 6 and on Blu-ray on March 20.

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