°C-ute 2013 Natsu Aki Book “Queen of J-Pop”


°C-ute 2013 Natsu Aki Book Queen of J-Pop ~Tadaoritsuita Onna Senshi~°C-ute 2013 Natsu Aki Book “Queen of J-Pop ~Tadoritsuita Onna Senshi~” (℃-ute 2013夏秋Book 「Queen of J-Pop ~たどり着いた女戦士~) will be released on December 27.

This live book is mainly about the 1st concert of °C-ute at Nippon Budokan on September 9-10, 2013. It includes photos of the live performance, the backstage and the rehearsal.

It includes also interviews, pictures of the members of °C-ute in swimsuit and various outfit, private shots, and more…

In addition, °C-ute Budokan Concert 2013 Queen of J-Pop ~Tadoritsuita Onna Senshi~ (℃-ute武道館コンサート2013『Queen of J-POP〜たどり着いた女戦士〜』) will go on sale on DVD and Blu-ray on December 18.


  1. 2013.09.09-10 Nippon Budokan
  2. 2013 Summer in Chiba
  3. Nakajima Camera 2013 Summer Autumn (ナカジマカメラ 2013 夏秋)
  4. Interview (インタビュー)
  5. Nacky Maimai no Nippon Budokan Fashion Check (なっきぃ・まいまいの日本武道館 ファッションチェック)
  6. 2013 Autumn in Tokyo