°C-ute – The Power / Kanashiki Heaven


°C-ute - The Power / Kanashiki Heaven°C-ute‘s new single The Power / Kanashiki Heaven (悲しきヘブン) will be released on July 16.

This is the 25th single from °C-ute.

According to producer Tsunku♂, The Power is an oriental electronic dance music song. This tune is representative of the fact that the members of the idol group became adults.

The 2nd track is already known by Hello! Project fans as it is a re-recorded version of Kanashiki Heaven (悲しきヘブン). It was on the B-side of °C-ute’s 19th single Aitai Aitai Aitaina (会いたい 会いたい 会いたいな) released in September 2012. It is a rock song performed by Okai Chisato and Suzuki Airi.

The regular editions come with the photo of a member randomly selected.

The limited editions include bonus DVD featuring various versions of the music videos and making-of footage. They also include a lottery ticket to participate in a handshake event.

Furthermore, °C-ute will be the guest of honor of Japan Expo 2014 on July 2-6 in France along with Berryz Kobo. The concert Berryz Kobo × ℃-ute in Hello! Project Festival will be held on July 3.


  • Type A / C
    • CD
      1. The Power
      2. Kanashiki Heaven (悲しきヘブン)
      3. The Power (Instrumental)
      4. Kanashiki Heaven (悲しきヘブン) (Instrumental)
    • DVD (Type A)
      1. The Power (Music Video)
    • DVD (Type C)
      1. The Power (Dance Shot ver.)
      2. Making-of
  • Type B / D
    • CD
      1. Kanashiki Heaven (悲しきヘブン)
      2. The Power
      3. Kanashiki Heaven (悲しきヘブン) (Instrumental)
      4. The Power (Instrumental)
    • DVD (Type B)
      1. Kanashiki Heaven (悲しきヘブン) (Music Video)
    • DVD (Type D)
      1. Kanashiki Heaven (Dance Shot ver.)
      2. Making-of
  • Regular Edition : A / B
  • Limited Edition : A / B / C / D

°C-ute - The Power / Kanashiki Heaven


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