Candy Go! Go! – Amekaiwai

Candy Go! Go! - AmekaiwaiCandy Go! Go! will release their new mini-album Amekaiwai (飴界隈) on September 25.

The CD contains 5 songs including the latest single of Candy Go! Go!, Otona no Junjou (おとなの事情), and 3 new songs.


  1. You
  2. Imishin (イミシン)
  3. Tamani wa Beer wo Nomasete yo (たまにはビールを飲ませてよ)
  4. Otona no Junjou (おとなの事情)
  5. Soshite Mata Aeru to Iu yo (そしてまた逢えると云うよ) ~Rock Mix ver.~