Candy Go! Go! – Kami-sama no Ijiwaru


Candy Go! Go!Candy Go! Go!‘s new single Kami-sama no Ijiwaru (神様のイジ悪) will be released on October 22nd.

This is the first single from Candy Go! Go! with their new line-up. It is subtitled “Why are the Gods so cruel”.

The video recorded at a live performance of the idol group at Ebisu Liquid Room and the trailer have been unveiled.

11 editions are available, including limited versions for each member of Candy Go! Go!.

The regular edition includes a bonus track.


  • Regular edition
    1. Kami-sama no Ijiwaru (神様のイジ悪)
    2. Jack
    3. Stage
  • Limited editions
    1. Kami-sama no Ijiwaru
    2. Jack

Video (Live)


Candy Go! Go!