Caramel Ribbon – First Secret

Caramel Ribbon - First SecretCaramel Ribbon‘s new single First Secret (ファーストシークレット) will be released on July 29.

The CD is produced by SHiNTA who also worked with LinQ. He composed and arranged the music of both songs.

This is the 2nd single of Caramel Ribbon since the idol group joined T-Palette Records, and the first one for 10 months.

The lyrics of the title song First Secret (ファーストシークレット) were written by Kodama Ameko.

As the members are now high school students, it is a sweet and sour song about girls approaching adulthood.

Imaki Sasa was in charge of songwriting on the B-side track Nanairo no Niji no Mukou ni (七色の虹の向こうに).

It includes lyrics in Kansai dialect.


  1. First Secret (ファーストシークレット)
  2. Nanairo no Niji no Mukou ni (七色の虹の向こうに)
  3. First Secret (ファーストシークレット) (Off Vocal)
  4. Nanairo no Niji no Mukou ni (七色の虹の向こうに) (Off Vocal)

Caramel Ribbon (キャラメル☆リボン)

Caramel Ribbon - First Secret