Tokyo Girls’ Style – Period. Best

Tokyo Girls' Style - Period. Best ~Otona ni Narun Dakara~Tokyo Girls’ Style will release two best-of mini albums on October 25th.

One is entiled PERIOD. BEST ~Otona ni Narun Dakara~ (オトナニナルンダカラ) and the other is entitled PERIOD. BEST ~Kimete Iyou Watashi no Koto~ (きめていいよわたしのこと).

The tracklists and the covers of albums were unveiled.


Ariyasu Momoka – Kokoro no Oto

Ariyasu Momoka - Kokoro no OtoAfter the solo debut of Sasaki Ayaka, from Momoiro Clover Z, it’s the turn of Ariyasu Momoka to start a solo career.

The member of Momoclo will release her first album on October 11th.

The title of Ariyasu Momoka’s album will be Kokoro no Oto (ココロノオト).


The World Standard – Paradox World

The World Standard - Paradox WorldThe World Standard will release their new album Paradox World (パラドックス ワールド) on October 18.

This is the second album of The World Standard, also known as Wa-Suta.

It will include the songs Magical World, Stay with me baby and Koi Suru Nyakotan ~Furi Mo Furare mo Anata no Mama~ which have all been performed before in concert.


Yamamoto Sayaka – Identity

Yamamoto Sayaka - IdentityNearly a year after the release of her album Rainbow, Yamamoto Sayaka unveils her new album entitled identity.

It is the 2nd album of the leader of NMB48. It will be released on next October 4th.

The CD will contain a total of 13 new songs.

The MV for Joker was unveiled.


LoVendoЯ – Яe:Start

LoVendoЯThe new album of LoVendoR will be released on September 6.

It is entitled Яe:Start and this is the 4th mini album and 3rd original of the band.

This is also the first since the graduation of Uozumi Yuki in September 2016. The members of LoVendoЯ have resumed their activities since that, and resume a new start, as a trio, after this graduation (hence the album title).

The MV for the new song Buppanase! Baby, I Love Ya! was unveiled ; you can watch it below.


Petit Milady – Petit Miretta

Petit Milady - Petit MirettaPetit Milady are back this year with a new album.

Their 4th album Petit Miretta will be released on September 20th.

It contains brand-new songs since Petit Milady haven’t released any singles this year.

Check out the MV for Boku no Tinker Bell below!