iDOL Street Official Book Vol.3

Idol Street Official Book Vol.3iDOL Street Official Book Vol.3 will be released on October 16.

As its title suggests, this guidebook is about the idol groups which are part of the label iDOL Street : Super☆Girls, Cheeky Parade, GEM, and Street-sei.

iDOL Street Official Book Vol.3 introduces all 62 members. It includes photos and interviews.

(more…) – Dempa Book - Dempa released Dempa Book (でんぱブック) on September 11.

Dempa Book traces the history of

It includes photos and interviews with the 6 members of (Furukawa Mirin, Aizawa Risa, Yumemi Nemu, Naruse Eimi, Mogami Moga, and Fujisaki Ayane), pictures of their costumes and their goods.

It also features comments from 89 celebrities including other idols such as Arai Minami (Up Up Girls), Suzuki Airi (°C-ute.), Takahashi Mari (Dorothy Little Happy), Matsumura Kurumi (LinQ), Michibatashi Rio (BiS), Megu (Negicco).

The book has 184 pages. It is published by Marquee Inc.


AKB48 Janken Tournament Official Guide Book 2013

AKB48 Janken Tournament Official Guide Book 2013AKB48 Janken Tournament Official Guide Book 2013 (AKB48じゃんけん大会公式ガイドブック2013) will be released on August 30.

The book features the photos of the 85 members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, and Kenkyuusei who are going to participate in the annual tournament. It also includes articles, a poster, and more.

AKB48 Janken Tournament 2013 (AKB48 34thシングル選抜じゃんけん大会) will be held on September 18 at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.


°C-ute 1st Official Book

°C-ute 1st Official Book°C-ute 1st Official Book (℃-ute 1stオフィシャルブック) will be released on September 10.

The book includes long interviews with the 5 members of °C-ute answering to 100 questions and talking about their solo projects.

It also features photos of the idol group taken from the Hello! Project Kids era to nowadays.

Available at a low price, this item is a must have for a fan of °C-ute.


BiS – BiStory ~Who Killed Idol?~

BiS - BiStory ~Who Killed Idol?~BiS will release the book BiStory ~Who Killed Idol?~ (BiStory~アイドルを殺したのは誰?~) on August 20.

BiStory ~Who Killed Idol?~ traces the history of the 1000 first days of the idol group BiS from its creation in November 2010 with the leader Pour Lui to its latest line-up with 6 members.

The book has 192 pages. It is published by M-On Entertainment!.


Takenaka Natsumi – Idol Dance!!!

Takenaka Natsumi - Idol DanceTakenaka Natsumi’s book Idol Dance!!! Utatte Odoru Kawaii Onnanoko ga irukagiri, Sekai wa Tanoshii (アイドルダンス!!! 歌って踊るカワイイ女の子がいる限り、世界は楽しい) was released on December 7.

Takenaka Natsumi works as a choreographer for Passpo☆, Up Up Girls, and other idols.

In the book, she’s analyzing the dance moves and the connection between these moves and the lyrics. She has interviewed Tamai Anna (Passpo☆), a director and a stylist for Tokyo Girls’ Style.


SKE48 Official History Book

SKE48 Official History BookSKE48 Official History Book ~Mada, Yume no Tochuu~ (まだ、夢の途中) will be released on December 21.

The book traces the history of SKE48 from their debut in 2008 to today. It is a photo documentary. It contains testimonials and revelations from the group members, as well as photos of live performances, lessons, backstage…

This book on AKB48 sister group based in Nagoya has 196 pages.