DVD / Blu-ray

Ono Erena – Hatachi wo Nozokimi

Ono Erena - Hatachi wo NozokimiOno Erena‘s new DVD Hatachi wo Nozokimi (ハタチヲノゾキミ) will be released on June 20.

As she is 20 years old now, former AKB48 member Ono Erena shows an adult and sexy image on this DVD.

Check out some photos of Erepyon.


Tachibana Yurika – Yurika no Tabi

Tachibana Yurika - Yurika no TabiTachibana Yurika‘s new solo DVD Yurika no Tabi (ゆりかの旅) will be released on May 28.

The shooting was done in Thailand. It was the first trip of the member #19 of Idoling!!! in this country. The DVD includes sexy scenes in which she is wearing swimsuits.

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Kato Tomoko – Miss Flash 2014

Kato Tomoko - Miss Flash 2014Kato Tomoko (SKE48) will release her 1st DVD Miss Flash 2014 on April 16.

Kato Tomoko won the Miss Flash 2014 Grand Prix in February. The filming was done in Bali (Indonesia) in January. It includes sexy scenes in various costumes such as swimsuit, wedding dress…

Check out some photos of the gravure idol.


Shinozaki Ai – Koi Nandesu

Shinozaki Ai - Koi Nan DesuShinozaki Ai‘s new Blu-ray Koi Nandesu (恋なんです。) will be released on April 18.

It includes sexy footage of the energetic and busty girl. Various scenes show Shinozaki Ai in a park, in bed, bouncing, dancing, and transmitting her energy.

Shinozaki Ai is a gravure idol and a member of AeLL.


Passpo Music Clips 2013-2014

Passpo☆Passpo☆ Music Clips 2013-2014 was released on DVD on March 26.

As its title suggests, this DVD contains the MV and the Dance Shot versions of Passpo☆’s songs released between 2013 and early 2014.


Tamura Meimi (S/mileage) – May

Tamura Meimi (S/mileage)Tamura Meimi (S/mileage) will release her solo DVD May in… May.

This is the 1st solo DVD from Tamura Meimi in the e-Hello! series.

The trailer has been released.


Miyazaki Yuka – Greeting ~Miyazaki Yuka~

Miyazaki Yuka (Juice=Juice)Miyazaki Yuka (Juice=Juice) will release her 1st solo DVD Greeting ~Miyazaki Yuka~ (~宮崎由加~) in April.

This DVD includes various scenes and interviews with the member of Hello! Project.

A trailer has been released.

Miyazaki Yuka is a member of Juice=Juice since February 2013.


Sayashi Riho – Riho’s Fashion Archive

Sayashi Riho - Riho's Fashion ArchiveSayashi Riho‘s new DVD Riho’s Fashion Archive will be released on March 12.

This is the 3rd solo DVD of the member of Morning Musume.

It complements Sayashi Riho’s photobook Taiyou (太陽) released in November 2013.

The digest video has been released.


Hello Pro Kenshuusei – Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa / Ten Made Nobore!

Hello Pro Kenshuusei - Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa / Ten Made Nobore!Hello Pro Kenshuusei’s new single Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa / Ten Made Nobore! (おへその国からこんにちは) will be released on February 26.

This is the 1st DVD single from Hello Pro Kenshuusei. Only one edition is available. It is produced by Tsunku♂.

Hello Pro Kenshuusei was formerly known as Hello Pro Egg. The idol unit consists of Hello! Project trainees. 28 members performed on this single.