Hasegawa Reika to graduate from Sunmyu

Hasegawa Reika (長谷川怜華) - Sunmyu (さんみゅ〜)Hasegawa Reika announced her graduation from Sunmyu.

She will leave the idol group on December 27 after a last live performance at Akiba Cultures Theater in Tokyo.

Hasegawa Reika told that she wanted to realize her dream and become an actress.


Noguchi Monami left GEM

Noguchi Monami (野口もなみ) - GEMNoguchi Monami announced that she was leaving GEM on August 31.

Noguchi Monami decided to stop activities in the entertainment industry in order to focus on studies. She explained that, despite her best efforts, it was too difficult for her to be active as an idol and a student at the same time.


Shigusawa Ao left Gang Parade

Shigusawa Ao (シグサワアオ) - Gang ParadeShigusawa Ao (シグサワアオ) left GANG PARADE this month.

This announcement was made on July 20 at Tower Records Shibuya Cutup STUDIO in Tokyo.

The reasons that pushed Shigasawa Ao to leave the group remain unclear but it seems that it’s is due to problems between her activities and her family.


Graduation of Shibata Aya from SKE48

Shibata Aya (柴田阿弥) - SKE48Shibata Aya announced her graduation from SKE48.

This announcememnt was made on June 24 during her Nico Nico live stream program.

She explained that her dream is to be an television personality and that she finished her adventure with SKE48. She would study new things, do her best and persevere in the artistic domain.


Graduation of Ichinose Miku and Fukase Chisei from LinQ

Ichinose Miku (一ノ瀬みく) & Chisei Fukase (深瀬智聖) - LinQIchinose Miku and Fukase Chisei announced their graduation from LinQ.

Both girls are going to turn 30 years old soon, and they decided to leave the idol group in June.

Ichinose Miku and Fukase Chisei will pursue solo activities in the entertainment industry as part of Job Net. This taleng agency also manages LinQ.


Aoyama Reina to graduate from Flap Girls’ School

Aoyama Reina (青山玲奈) / Flap Girls' School (フラップガールズスクール)Aoyama Reina announced her graduation from Flap Girls’ School.

Since she is going to be a 4th-year student at university next month, Aoyama Reina decided to leave the idol group in order to focus on studies and job hunting.

She will pursue activities until her graduation which is scheduled in 2 months after a live tour in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.


Shirai to graduate from Jyujyu

Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)Shirai announced her graduation from Jyujyu.

As a result, the idol group is on hiatus since only one member is remaining, Neu.

In addition, it has been announced that Jyujyu staff was going to hold auditions in March to recruit new members.