Live / Concert

YuiKaori Live Hearty Party

YuiKaori Live Hearty PartyYuiKaori Live Hearty Party!! will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 3.

The concert was held on December 7, 2014 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba. This event was part of YuiKaori 2nd Live Tour Hearty Party.

The idol duo performed 19 songs including solo versions by Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.

The trailer movie and the making short version have been unveiled.


Starmarie Asia Tour 2015 ~Fantastic~

Starmarie Asia Tour 2015After successfully completing their solo show in Taipei, Starmarie announces performances in Jakarta (May 9-10), Manila (June 7), Taipei (July) and Zhuhai, China (October).

Starmarie journeyed to Taiwan for their Starmarie Asia Tour 2015 ~Fantastic~ powered by e-earphone, stirring up the Local-vs-Band show on April 17, and performing in conjunction with NOTTV Music Nyt on April 18 at Taipei Expo Park. Decked out in their new original costumes designed by Hasidume Momo, Starmarie arrived onstage to wild applause from a packed venue. The highlight of the show was the wild encore calls from audience members who had not previously heard of Starmarie. Long lines formed at the greeting session after the organizers cleared out for the second stage.


°C-ute Cutie Circuit ~¡Vamos a México!~

°C-ute Cutie Circuit ~¡Vamos a México!~°C-ute Cutie Circuit ~¡Vamos a México!~ will be held on September 19, 2015.

The live performance will take place at Sala, Mexico.

This will be the first concert of °C-ute in America.

Hello! Project members posted a video message subtitled in Spanish on YouTube for their foreign fans.


9nine Dream Live in Budokan

9nine Dream Live in Budokan9nine Dream Live in Budokan will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 17.

It was the first concert of 9nine at this famous venue in Tokyo. The event was held on August 21, 2014.

The girls performed 26 songs including their greatest hits.


Live & Life Negicco 2014-15 Winter

Live & Life Negicco 2014-15 WinterLive & Life Negicco 2014-15 Winter will be on sale on April 7.

The DVD includes the video of the concert Road of Negiiiiii ~Negicco One Man Show~ which took place on January 25 at Liquidroom, Tokyo. The girls were supported by a live band, NegiBand, on stage.

There is also a documentary on the idol group from Niigata. It follows Nao☆, Megu and Kaede during the release events held for Negicco‘s latest single Hikari no Spur which reached the 5th rank at the Oricon weekly ranking.

The trailer has been released.


Idol College Live True End Player

Idol College (アイドルカレッジ)Idol College held a series of live performances between November and December in order to celebrate the release of their latest single True End Player (トゥルーエンド プレイヤー) which is on sale since December 3.

Check out our report and many photos from the live which took place at Akiba Sofmap, Tokyo.


Chu-Z My Live 2014

Chu-Z My Live 2014Chu-Z My Live 2014 was released on DVD on February 11.

The concert was held on October 5, 2014 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo.

The members of Chu-Z performed 19 songs, including a medley and their greatest hits, during the live.


Babymetal World Tour 2015

Babymetal - The Dark Knights BeginBabymetal World Tour 2015 will be held from May 9th to June 21st.

Babymetal will give concerts in Mexico, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Check out the full schedule of Babymetal World Tour 2015.