Vanquish × Idoling!!!

Vanquish × Idoling!!!Idoling!!! had a collaboration with Vanquish stores titled Vanquish × Idoling!!!.

A special event was held on November 25 at Shibuya 109 Men’s. A T-shirt with the names of all Idoling!!! members was designed for the occasion.

Endo Mai, Tonooka Erica, Yokoyama Rurika, Asahi Nao, Tachibana Yurika, and Kurata Ruka participated in this campaign.


Tokyo Cheer2 Party – 3rd Generation Members

Tokyo Cheer2 Party 3rd Generation Members3 girls passed the audition to join Tokyo Cheer2 Party as 3rd generation members.

The new members are : Ando Akane (16 years old), Bernstein Oribiya (14 years old), and Yamada Maho (17 years old).

The announcement was made on November 18.


Rhymeberry to sign with T-Palette Records

RhymeberryRhymeberry is going to sign with T-Palette Records in late 2012.

Rhymeberry is a rap idol group consisting of 1 DJ and 3 MC. Its 1st single Hey! Brother was released on July 11.

T-Palette Records is an indie label specializing in idols. It is owned by Tower Records.


Japanese Idol Calendars 2013

Idol Calendars 2013Japanese idol calendars 2013 are on sale now.

Calendars from 9nine, AKB48, Cheeky Parade, Hello! Project (Berryz Kōbō, °C-ute, Mano Erina, Morning Musume, S/mileage), Idoling!!!, Nogizaka46, Super☆Girls, Tokyo Girls’ Style, Shinozaki Ai (AeLL), and Sakai Asaka (LinQ) are available.


Super Girls and Cheeky Parade in Bijin Tenki

Super Girls × Bijin TenkiSuper☆Girls and Cheeky Parade are going to be featured in Bijin Tenki (美人天気).

Bijin Tenki is an iPhone / Android application in which pretty Japanese girls give weather forecast in Japan.

The campaign with Super☆Girls and Cheeky Parade is temporary and will start on October 24. It will last throughout the fall.

Other idol groups like Morning Musume, Berryz Kōbō, °C-ute, S/mileage, or Vanilla Beans have been previously featured in the app.


Cheeky Parade to make major label debut in 2013

Cheeky ParadeCheeky Parade will make major label debut in January 2013.

They have reached the 2 assignments fixed by Avex to have their major debut : selling 5,000 copies of the song Cheeky Dreamer and having an audience of 800 people at their live at Shinjuku Blaze on September 22.


Hello! Project : Green Fields & Harvest

Hello! Satoyama Life

Hello! Project announced the creation of 2 new units : Green Fields and Harvest. They consist of Hello! Project members.

These groups will be involved in the Satoyama Movement project which has for aim to promote environmental protection.

Green Fields will release their 1st single Forefore ~Forest for Rest / Boys Be Ambitious! (フォレフォレ~Forest for Rest~ / Boys Be Ambitious!) with DIY♡ on November 7.

Harvest will also release their 1st single Cabbage Hakusho / Forest Time (キャベツ白書 / フォレストタイム) with Peaberry on November 7.


NMB48 Team BII revealed

NMB48The list of the members of NMB48’s new Team BII has been revealed during NMB48 2nd Anniversary Special Live.

Team BII consists of 16 members of 3rd Generation Kenkyuusei. The captain is Kamieda Emika.