New start of Takahashi Yurika (ex Otome Shinto) in a new group

Ichigo Milk Iro ni Somaritai. (いちごみるく色に染まりたい.)Takahashi Yurika, former leader of Otome Shinto, which disbanded in July after their final live performance at Tsutaya O-WEST, announced her return on stage!

Indeed, she went back to zero by founding a new idol group named Ichigo Milk Iro ni Somaritai. (いちごみるく色に染まりたい.), of which she is the leader and also producer. The group consists of herself and four other members.

The girls have just been officially introduced. They are Takahashi Yurika (高橋優里花), Yanagi Sorami (柳宙見), Ashizaka Sana (芦坂早菜), Terao Nene (寺尾音々), and Kawasaki Miyu (川崎実祐).


Disbandment of One Little Kiss?

One Little Kiss (ワンリルキス)It seems that the group of idols One Little Kiss (ワンリルキス) show no activity since over a year.

The quartet hasn’t released anything since August 2014.

The girls released, for the last time, a tribute album to Pizzicato Five in collaboration with other idol groups of T-Palette Records in April 2015 and have left the label since the end of 2015.


Maplez – Authentic Invention to Romantic Paranoid

MaplezMaplez will release their new single Authentic Invention to Romantic Paranoid (オーセンティックインベンションとロマンティックパラノイド) on November 29.

This is the 7th single from Maplez, and their first one since the idol group changed its name. They were previously known as Hiroshima Maple★S.

The title song expresses the thought of a girl who is delusive with a melancholy feeling.

The MV was inspired by 1980s popular song programs and by dramas.



New AKB48 sister group : STU48

STU48A new idol group of the franchise AKB48 was formed: this is STU48.

The name of the STU48 refers to the town of Setouchi, located in Okayama Prefecture.

After the formation of the sister group NGT48 in 2015, the group of STU48 will be the 6th national sister group of AKB48, scheduled to debut in summer of 2017.


°C-ute to breakup in June 2017

°C-ute°C-ute will breakup and graduate from Hello! Project in June 2017 after a last live performance at the Saitama Super Arena.

Since all members are over 20 years old now, the girls had discussions about their future over the last months.

The members of °C-ute decided that it was time for them to follow their own way to reach their goals.