Fukumura Mizuki – Utakata (Photobook)

Fukumura Mizuki - UtakataFukumura Mizuki‘s new photobook Utaka (うたかた) will be released on June 25.

The photo shooting was done in Okinawa. Utakata includes pictures of Morning Musume ’14 member Fukumura Mizuki on the beach, at the swimming pool and in other places wearing swimsuits and various outfits.

The book comes with a bonus DVD featuring making-of footage.


Miyamoto Karin – Karin (Photobook)

Miyamoto Karin - Karin (Photobook)Miyamoto Karin‘s 1st photobook Karin (佳林) will be released on June 12.

The photos were taken in Okinawa. Miyamoto Karin is wearing various outfits such as swimsuit, yukata, school uniform… She is the center of Juice=Juice.

The photobook comes with a bonus DVD including making-of footage.


Ishida Ayumi – Shine More (Photobook)

Ishida Ayumi - Shine MoreIshida Ayumi‘s new photobook Shine More will be released on May 10.

It is the 2nd photobook of Morning Musume ’14 member Ishida Ayumi.

The photo shooting was done at her home and on the island of Okinawa. The photobook includes pictures of Ishida Ayumi relaxing at home on a day off, wearing swimsuit on the beach, showing her smiling face in the nature…


Suzuki Airi – Kyoumei (Photobook)

Suzuki Airi (°C-ute)Suzuki Airi‘s new photobook Kyoumei (共鳴) will be released on April 12.

This is the 10th photobook from Suzuki Airi (°C-ute). It will go on sale on her 20th birthday.

The photo shooting was done in Singapore. It will feature Suzuki Airi surrounded by culture, urban and traditional streets


Nabilah – Otenba ~Cheerful Girl~ (JKT48)

Nabilah - Otenba ~Cheerful Girl~JKT48’s Nabilah’s photobook Otenba ~Cheerful Girl~ was released on February 28.

The shooting was done in Yokohama, Japan.

Otenba ~Cheerful Girl~ includes a special interview with JKT48 Team J member Nabilah.

Check out some photos.


Ogino Karin – Seishun ~Daini Shou~ (Photobook)

Ogino Karin (Yumemiru Adolescence) - 1st PhotobookOgino Karin‘s photobook Seishun ~Daini Shou~ (青春 ~第二章~) will be released on February 28.

This is the 1st photobook from Ogino Karin. She is the leader of Yumemiru Adolescence.

The book includes photos of Ogino Karin wearing school uniforms.

As she is 18, Seishun ~Daini Shou~ (青春 ~第二章~) also contains sexy pictures such has bathing or changing clothes scenes


Matsui Rena – Hemeretto (Photobook)

Matsui Rena - HemerettoMatsui Rena’s 2nd photobook Hemeretto (へメレット) will be released on April 1.

On Ustream last night, Matsui Rena unveiled the title for her upcoming photobook which caused confusion among her fans.