Cheeky Parade I


Cheeky Parade ICheeky Parade will release their 1st album Cheeky Parade I on November 27.

The album contains 13 songs including Cheeky Parade’s latest singles and their new hit Check It Out (チェケラ).

The MV for this new song has been released.

3 editions are available.

All of them come with a photo and a ticket for a handshake event.

In addition, the CD edition includes a bonus track, whereas the limited edition comes with a 36-page photobook.


  • CD
    1. Introduction ~dIscovery~
    2. C.P.U !?
    3. Check It Out (チェケラ)
    4. Ckeeky Fighter (チィキィ ファイター)
    5. Houkago Catharsis (放課後カタルシス)
    6. Toshiue Koimoyowo (年上コイモヨヲ)
    7. Uchuu Hikou Sensation (宇宙飛行センセーション)
    8. Koi Teleportation (恋テレポーテーション)
    9. Bunbun Nine9′
    10. Challenger
    11. Mugendai Shoujo A (無限大少女∀)
    12. Happy Days
    13. Cheeky Dreamer
    14. Pan-Paka-Pan (Bonus Track CD Edition)
  • DVD (CD+DVD Edition)
    1. Bunbun Nine9′ (Music Video)
    2. C.P.U !? (Music Video)
    3. C.P.U !? (Music Video Un-Edited Ver.)
    4. Mugendai Shoujo A (無限大少女∀) (Music Video)
    5. Check It Out (チェケラ) (Music Video)
    6. CheekyPa Tsuushin Tokudaigou ~Uchuu Sekai e no Tabi~ (チキパ通信特大号~宇宙世界への旅~)
  • DVD (Limited CD+DVD Edition)
    1. Bunbun Nine9′ (Music Video)
    2. Bunbun Nine9′ (Music Video Another Ver.2)
    3. C.P.U !? (Music Video)
    4. C.P.U !? (Music Video !? Ver.)
    5. Mugendai Shoujo A (無限大少女∀) (Music Video)
    6. Mugendai Shoujo A (無限大少女∀) (Music Video Spiral Ver.)
    7. Check It Out (チェケラ) (Music Video)
    8. CheekyPa Tsuushin Tokudaigou ~Uchuu Sekai e no Tabi~ (チキパ通信特大号~宇宙世界への旅~)
    9. Bunbun Nine9′ (Choreography Video)
    10. Mugen Shoujo A (無限大少女∀) (Choreography Video)

Music Video (PV)



  1. 360Jpop

    I am excited waiting for this album

  2. Tetho (Post author)

    So am I. I’m looking forward to listening to it.

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