Cheeky Parade Premium Live “The First”

Cheeky Parade Premium Live The FirstCheeky Parade Premium Live “The First” was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 6.

Cheeky Parade concert took place in March 2014 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo. As its name suggests, this event was the 1st live performance of the idol group.

Moreover, the 9 members are going to participate in a 2-shot photo session with their fans on August 23 at Avex headquarters, Tokyo.

Furthermore, Cheeky Parade Live in New York will be held on October 11.


  1. C.P.U !?
  2. Check It Out (チェケラ, Chekera)
  3. Cheeky Fighter (チィキィファイター)
  4. Tactics
  5. Houkago Catharsis (放課後カタルシス)
  6. Jikoshoukai (自己紹介)
  7. Toshiue Koimoyowo (年上コイモヨヲ) (Sekine Yuna, Suzuki Tomoka, Nagai Hina)
  8. Uchuu Hikou Sensation (宇宙飛行センセーション) (Kodakari Momoka, Suzuki Mariya)
  9. Koi Teleportation (恋テレポーテーション) (Watanab Asami, Shimazaki Rino, Yamamoto Marin, Nizorogi Seran)
  10. Dancers Antherm
  11. Together
  12. Bubun Nine9′
  13. Challenger
  14. Mugen Dai Shoujo ∀ (無限大少女∀)
  15. Cheeky Dreamer
  16. dIscovery
  17. Zettai! Love Magic (絶対!Love Magic)
  18. Cheeky Fighter (チィキィファイター)
  19. Happy Days

Cheeky Parade Premium Live The First