Cheeky Parade – Together

Cheeky Parade - TogetherCheeky Parade‘s new mini-album Together will be released on June 18.

10 versions of the MV have been released : 1 featuring all the members, and 9 others featuring each one of them.

The new artwork has been unveiled. As Cheeky Parade will hold a concert in New York on October 11, the pictures are designed in a comic book style.

This mini-album contains 5 songs.

It includes a bonus DVD with 5 music videos.

Furthermore, Cheeky Parade are going to participate in Kawaii Pop Fes in Hong Kong on June 28-29 along with other idol groups.


  • CD
    1. Together
    3. Fly Higher
    4. LEFT or RIGHT…?
    5. dIscovery
  • DVD
    1. C.P.U !?
    2. Cheeky Fighter (チィキィファイター=
    3. Koi Teleportation (恋テレポーテーション=
    5. Together MV (箱押しVer)

Music Video (PV)

Cheeky Parade (チィキィパレード)

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