Chu-Z My Live 2014

Chu-Z My Live 2014Chu-Z My Live 2014 was released on DVD on February 11.

The concert was held on October 5, 2014 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo.

The members of Chu-Z performed 19 songs, including a medley and their greatest hits, during the live.

Furthermore, Chu-Z latest single Hana no Arch / Brand Boy is on sale since the same day.


  1. Iroha Musik (Remix)
  2. One’s Life
  3. Bow Wow
  4. Breaking now
  5. Direct to U
  6. Unit Song Medley (ユニットソングメドレー)
    1. Lucky☆Star (Bling Bling Princess)
    2. Eternal Lover (Sun-Chu)
    3. Brand New Days (Sun-Chu)
    4. iya iya iya (Bling Bling Princess)
    5. Onegai School (おねがいスコール) (Sun-Chu)
  7. Summer Dreamer
  8. Chu Me Now!!
  9. Fly High
  11. Kira Kira Mirai (キラキラ未来☆)
  12. Get your Dream
  13. Bombastic! (ボンバスティック!)
  14. Boukensha (冒険者)
  15. Love☆Parade
    16. Girls on the Run
    – Encore –
    17. Bombastic!
    18. My Special
    19. Choose My Life

Chu-Z My Live 2014


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