– WWDD -‘s 3rd album WWDD will be released on February 18.

The CD contains 14 songs including’s latest singles.

The cover artwork and the new artist photo of the idol group have been unveiled.

The colorful design was made by Shiga Takumi who directed some music videos of Each member of the idol group has been assigned a monster character. The monsters and the jungle motif were drawn by cartoonist Taniguchi Natsuko.

The limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring 7 music videos and 9 songs recorded at live performances.

Moreover, concert tour WWD 大冒険 Tour 2015 will be held from February 25 to May 4.


  • CD
    1. でんぱな世界 ~It’s a dempa world~
    2. Dempari Night (でんぱーりーナイト)
    3. Dance Dance Dance (ダンス ダンス ダンス)
    5. FD2 ~Raison d’Etre Daibouken~ (FD2 ~レゾンデートル大冒険~)
    6. Chururi Chururira (ちゅるりちゅるりら)
    7. Mamonaku, ga Ririku Itashimasu (まもなく、でんぱ組.incが離陸致します♡)
    8. Dear Stage e Yokoso (Dear☆Stageへようこそ♡)
    9. Bari 3 Kyouwakoku (バリ3共和国)
    10. Fancy Hope U Fu Fu (ファンシーほっぺ♡ウ・フ・フ)
    11. Lemon Iro (檸檬色)
    12. Brand new World (ブランニューワールド)
    13. Irodori Sekai (イロドリセカイ)
    14. Sakura Apparition (サクラあっぱれーしょん)
  • DVD
    • Music Video
      1. Sakura Apparition
      2. Fancy Hope U Fu Fu
      3. Chururi Chururira
      4. Lemon Iro
      5. Dempari Night
      6. Bari 3 Kyouwakoku
      7. Phantom of the truth
    • Live Movie
      1. VANDALISM
      2. Den Den Passion [2014.8.9 Rock in Japan Festival 2014]
      3. Mamonaku, ga Ririku Itashimasu
      4. Chururi Chururira
      5. Sakura Apparition (サクラあっぱれーしょん)
      6. Lemon Iro
      7. W.W.D
      8. Kira Kira Tune [2014.9.2 Cup Noodle presents Special Live ~2014年ボクらは、 FUJIYAMAのある国で現代のSAMURAIと出会う!~]
      9. Dempari Night [2014.11.14 Special Concert 東アジア文化都市2014横浜 パートナー事業] - WWDD - WWDD (でんぱ組.inc)

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