Doll☆Elements – Kimi no Omoi Todoketai

Doll☆Elements - Kimi no Omoi TodoketaiThe new single of Doll☆Elements Kimi no Omoi Todonetai (君のオモイ届けたい) will be released on August 19.

It’s the 7th single of Doll☆Elements, and its 5th major one.

The last single of the idol group Kimi to Mirai Tsukuritai! (君とミライ作りたい!) was released in last April.

The music video and the tracklists have been revealed.

The single is available in several editions : a regular one and five limited one Type A, B, C, D and E. The covers are different on each edition. The ones on the limited editions represent one member of the group.

The single contain three new songs : la title song Kimi no Omoi Todoketai, two new B-side songs. The CD of the editions A and B include the same tracklist while the CD of C, D and E include a different tracklist. The B-side songs are different depending on the edition.

Check out below the music video of Kimi no Omoi Todoketai.


  • Type A,B
    • CD
      1. Kimi no Omoi Todoketai (君のオモイ届けたい)
      2. Deep (performed by Grand☆Ele)  (グラ☆エレ)
      3. MAKE UP
  • Type C, D, E
    • CD
      1. Kimi no Omoi Todoketai (君のオモイ届けたい)
      2. Arerere? Koko wa Doko? (performed by Petit☆Ele)  (あれれれ?ここはどこ?(プチ☆エレ) )
      3. MAKE UP
  • Regular editions : CD
  • Limited editions : A / B / C / D / E

Music Video (PV)

Doll☆Elements - Kimi no Omoi Todoketai