Dorothy Little Happy – Life Goes On

Dorothy Little Happy - Life Goes OnDorothy Little Happy’s 3rd album Life Goes On will be released on February 20.

The CD contains 14 songs, including Dorothy Little Happy’s singles Happy Days!, Tobidase! Summer Time (飛び出せ!サマータイム), and Kaze yo Hayaku (風よはやく).

The limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring 3 music videos.


  • CD
    1. Life Goes On
    2. Nerve
    3. Happy Days!
    4. Mirai e (未来へ)
    5. Namida Yori mo Zutto Hayaku (ナミダよりもずっと速く)
    6. Akiramenaide (諦めないで)
    7. Kaze yo Hayaku (風よはやく)
    8. Tobidase! Summer Time (飛び出せ!サマータイム)
    9. Eien ni Nare (永遠になれ)
    10. Dear My Friend
    11. My Darling
    12. Nagare Yuku Hibi (流れゆく日々)
    13. Never Stop Again!!
    14. 4 kai me no Arigatou (14回目のありがとう)
  • DVD (Limited Edition)
    1. Tobidase! Summer Time (飛び出せ!サマータイム) (Music Video)
    2. Kaze yo Hayaku (風よはやく) (Music Video)
    3. Life Goes On (Music Video)

Dorothy Little Happy – Life Goes On (PV)