Especia – Aviator / Boogie Amora

Especia - Aviator / Boogie AmoraThe new single of Especia entitled Aviator / Boogie Amora will be on sale on July 22.

This is the 3rd single if the idol group and its 2nd one featuring a double A-side.

The tracklist and the covers have been unveiled.

The official music videos of the songs have been posted on YouTube.

Several editions will be available : a regular one named “Cielo” and 3 limited ones named “Tierra”, “Mar” and “Espacio”.

As you may have noticed, the editions titles are in Spanish language. Each edition refers to a specific area of our world (ground, sky, sea and space).

The editions will contain, each one, a different CD. The regular edition will contain the main songs and their instrumental versions.

This disc is the first single of Especia to be released under a major label VERSIONMUSIC (from Victor Enntertainment).

Furthermore, the idol group released its first major mini album Primera in last February.


  • “Cielo” Regular edition CD
    1. Aviator
    2. Boogie Aroma
    3. Aviator (Instrumental)
    4. Boogie Aroma (Instrumental)
  • Limited editions
    • “Tierra” Edition CD
      1. Aviator
      2. Boogie Aroma
      3. Aviator (Alternative version)
      4. Aviator (Instrumental)
    • “Mar” Edition CD
      1. Aviator
      2. Boogie Amora
      3. Fukigen Rendez-vous (PellyColo Remix) (不機嫌ランデブー)
      4. Boogie Amora (Instrumental)
    • “Espacio” Edition CD
      1. Aviator
      2. Boogie Amora
      3. Mucho GUSTO Especia 2014 Tour -Viva Final Espacio Edit-

Music Video (PV)

Especia - Aviator / Boogie Amora


Especia - Aviator / Boogie Amora


Especia - Aviator / Boogie Amora


Especia - Aviator / Boogie Amora