FES☆TIVEFES☆TIVE is a Japanese idol group formed in May 2013.

It currently consists of 8 members.

The leader is Shiozaki Reia.

The unit is based in Tokyo.

Biography / History

Fes☆tiveThe concept is to revitalize Japan.

The name of the idol group stands for “Festival from Japan”. It combines the words “festival”, “positive” and “active”.

The girls wear colorful costumes inspired by carnival.

The members passed the audition in March 2013.

The idol group made its live debut in May 2013.

Fes☆tiveTheir 1st CD was released in November 2013.

They were appointed as the image girls for tonkotsu ramen Hakata Furyu (博多風龍) in December 2013.

The members host the segment Sekaiichi wo Mezase! FES☆TIVE Wasshoi (世界一を目指せ!FES☆TIVEわっしょい) in the variety show Uta Musume (ウタ娘) on Television Saitama (テレビ埼玉) since July 2014.

FES☆TIVE’s major debut single Omatsuri Hero (お祭りヒーロー) was released in May 2015 under the label Tokuma.

Fes☆tiveThe idol group participated in Connect Japan 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, in May 2015.

Aoba Hinari held a special collaboration live with Doko Ruriko (Tokyo Cheer2 Party) in May 2015 at K-Stage O!.

Yokoi Honami won a contest organized by Cheerz mobile app for smartphones on June 6-7, 2015. As a result of this success, FES☆TIVE participated in the J-Pop Summit 2015 in San Francisco, USA, in August 2015.

FES☆TIVEThe theme of the single Kingyo no Kin-chan (金魚のきんちゃん), on sale in November 2015, is “Goldfish scooping” (金魚すくい; kingyo sukui), a traditional Japanese game whose concept is to catch a goldfish with a special scooper. It is a common activity that can be played at summer festivals in Japan.

The idol group performed at Japan Expo Thailand 2016 in Bangkok in February.

FES☆TIVE collaborated with illustrators such as Sekiya Yurie, Hutomomo Chu and Hajime Fantasy for the single Susume Zipangu (進めジパング) on sale in March 2016. The lyrics include words such as “sushi” or “samurai” which symbolize the Land of the Rising Sun. “Zipangu” is the name for Japan used by Marco Polo.

The idol group members are going to make reports on local festivals for Ima Doki!! (IMAドキッ!!) magazine in March 2016.


  • Fes☆tive
  • Years active : 2013 – present
  • Label : Tokuma Japan Communications
  • Agency : Rize


  • Suzuki Mitsuki (鈴木みつき)
  • Sakamoto Yuna (坂元由奈)
  • Shina Akari (椎名あかり)
  • Aoba Hinari (青葉ひなり)
  • Momohara Hiyo (桃原ひよ)
  • Suzuki Kotone (鈴木ことね)
  • Yokoi Honami (横井ほなみ)
  • Shiozaki Reia (汐咲玲亜)



  • Wonderful Festival (ワンダフルフェスティバル)
  • Matsuri Da! Sun☆Sun (祭りだ!Sun☆Sun)
  • Shidareyanagi (シダレヤナギ)
  • Magical Parade (マジカルパレード)
  • Gakusai Emotion (学祭エモーション)
  • Natsu Iro Toridori Bon (夏色とりどリボン)
  • 13/05/2015 : Omatsuri Hero (お祭りヒーロー)
  • 25/11/2015 : Kingyo no Kin-chan (金魚のきんちゃん)
  • 16/03/2016 ; Susume Zipangu (進めジパング)