Flap Girls’ School – Summer Days Dance

Flap Girls' School - Summer Days DanceFlap Girls’ School‘s 4th single Summer Days Dance (サマーデイズDance) will be released on August 18.

It is a fresh pop song combining idols and summer as its title suggests.

The MV has been revealed.

The members of Flap Girls’ School are wearing new colorful and striped costumes.

In the music video, they are having fun together through the different months of a calendar. The scenes take place at the beach, in a traditional Japanese house, in a bedroom…

This is their first CD since the graduation of Takano Chie in April.

In August, it will be the power play song for the show Buzz Rhythm バズリズム) airing on NTV.

Furthermore, Flap Girls’ School Prom vol. 13 ~Shijousaidai no Natsu Mission!!!~ (フラップガールズスクールプロムvol.13 ~史上最大の夏ミッション!!!~) will be held on August 16 at Shinjukumura Live, Tokyo.


  • Type A / C
    1. Summer Days Dance (サマーデイズDance)
    2. Moving the World
    3. Summer Days Dance (Instrumental)
    4. Moving the World (Instrumental)
  • Type B / D
    1. Summer Days Dance
    2. Taisetsu na Kimi Dakara (大切な君だから)
    3. Summer Days Dance (Instrumental)
    4. Taisetsu na Kimi Dakara (Instrumental)
  • Edition : Type A / B / C / D

Music Video (PV)

Flap Girls' School - Summer Days Dance