Flower – Blue Sky Blue

Flower - Blue Sky BlueFlower‘s 10th single Blue Sky Blue will be released on April 29.

This song is used in the commercial for Kose TV’s Fasio E-Girls Jisshou Live (ファシオE-girls実証ライブ).

The MV has been unveiled.

The music is a colorful and fresh melody matching with the arrival of Spring and the beginning of a new life. The theme of the lyrics is the loneliness to be separated and far from the person you love.

The music video was shot in a cottage near a lake. The 7 members of Flower are wearing cute white and blue outfits. They show up sweet smiles and painful expressions. The concept is “wind and deep breath”.

Furthermore, Flower’s 2nd album Hanadokei (花時計) is on sale since March 9.


  • Regular Edition
    • CD
      1. Blue Sky Blue
      2. Clover
      3. Sayonara, Alice (さよなら、アリス) (Baroque Remix)
      4. Blue Sky Blue (Instrumental)
      5. Clover (Instrumental)
  • Limited Edition
    • CD
      1. Blue Sky Blue
      2. Clover
    • DVD
      1. Blue Sky Blue (Music Video)
  • Limited Pressing
    • CD
      1. Blue Sky Blue

Music Video (PV)

Flower - Blue Sky Blue


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