Fruity – One

Fruity - OneFruity‘s new album One will be released on March 28.

This is the 3rd album from Fruity.

The CD contains 9 solo songs performed by each member of the idol group.

Only one edition is available.


  1. Yokubou no Katamari (ヨクボウノカタマリ) / Shirai Misa
  2. Re:Start / Obara Yuka
  3. Shoumei (ショウメイ) / Sakuragi Mizuki
  4. Do You Know Melon (Do You Know メロン) / Minami Hazuki
  5. Magic Flower / Ayase Rino
  6. Kimi no Koto ga…! (「君のことが・・・!」) / Kitade Sai
  7. Your Song / Ito Yumeno
  8. 7/24 (7月24日♡) / Tsugawa Arika
  9. Kiiroi Ito (黄色い糸) / Minato Honami

Fruity (フルーティー)

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