Fudanjuku – Be Hero


Fudanjuku (風男塾)The male-cosplay unit, Fudanjuku, is back and hard at work. Having just released their 4th album, Power of Wind, earlier this year; the “boys” have set the release date to their 13th single, Be Hero, for September 24, 2014.

The MV has been unvveiled.

No official cover art has been provided, but will be released in 3 versions. The regular edition and two limited editions with DVD.


  • Regular Edition
    • CD
      1. Be Hero
      2. Nanairo no Tori (七色の鳥)
      3. Juku Walker (ジュクウォーカー)
      4. Be Hero (Instrumental)
      5. Nanairo no Tori (Instrumental)
      6. Juku Walker (Instrumental)
  • Limited Editions
    • CD
      1. Be Hero
      2. Nanairo no Tori
    • DVD (Type A)
      1. Be Hero (Music Video)
    • DVD (Type B)
      1. Be Hero (Making-of)

Music Video (PV)