Fujita Akari (Party Rockets) joins temporarily GALETTe


Fujita Akari (Party Rockets)Fujita Akari (Party Rockets) joined GALETTe as a temporary member.

She replaces Hosaka Ayano who has just graduated from GALETTe.

Fujita Akari is going to participate in events and live performances held to promote GALETTe’s 1st mini-album Grooving Party which will be released on March 25.

She made her debut with her new idol group on February 7 at Tower Records Akihabara, Tokyo.

GALETTe are going to start auditions to recruit new members on February 20 according to their official website.

GALETTe & Fujita Akari (Party Rockets)

Fujita Akari (Party Rockets)