Happy 23rd Birthday Kitahara Sayaka

Kitahara Sayaka (北原沙弥香)Kitahara Sayaka (北原沙弥香) birthday is today and may all of her birthday wishes come true.

Kitahara Sayaka is a Japanese pop singer / soloist and idol signed to Avex. She joined Hello! Project in 2004 as a member of Hello Pro Egg (2004-2011) and was the tallest member of the unit.

Kitahara Sayaka was a member of Hello! Project trio Milky Way (2008-2009) along with Kusumi Koharu and Kikkawa You. It was created for the anime Kirarin Revolution. They sold 7,000 copies in Japan, the best selling single was Natsuga Yattekuru (2,191 copies) and the least sold was Kanari Junjou (1,130 copies).

Known as Saaya, Kitahara Sayaka was born on November 29, 1993 in Saitama prefecture, Japan. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She is active since 2004. Her member color was light blue when she was part of Hello! Project.


  • Hobbies : cooking
  • Special skills : tennis
  • Favorite food : sweets
  • Favorite color : strong pink

Kitahara Sayaka (北原沙弥香)

Kitahara Sayaka (北原沙弥香)