Harada Mayu withdrew from Keyakizaka46

Harada Mayu (Keyakizaka46)Harada Mayu left Keyakizaka46. This announcement was made on the official website of the idol group on November 11.

Harada Mayu debuted as a member of Keyakizaka46 the unit was formed last August.

This decision is due to a scandal in which she is involved.

It has been revealed that she had a love relationship with a former teacher. However, this is illegal because she is 17 years old, and so she is underage. Some pictures of the couple have recently been published on the internet (watch below).

Furthermore, Keyakizaka46 are going to hold their first event on November 14-15 at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo.

Harada Mayu (Keyakizaka46)

Harada Mayu (Keyakizaka46)

Harada Mayu (Keyakizaka46)

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