Hello! Project : DIY & Peaberry


Hello! Satoyama LifeHello! Project announced the creation of 2 units : DIY♡ & Peaberry.

These units will be involved in the Satoyama Movement project which has for aim to promote environmental protection.

They will make their debut during Hello! Project 2012 Summer Concert Tour.

The units consist of the following members :

  • DIY♡ :
    • Tokunaga Chinami (Berryz Kobo)
    • Natsuyaki Miyabi (Berryz Kobo)
    • Yajima Maimi (°C-ute)
    • Nakajima Saki (°C-ute)
    • Iikubo Haruna (Morning Musume)
  • Peaberry :
    • Wada Ayaka (S/mileage)
    • Sayashi Riho (Morning Musume)