hy4_4yh – YAVAY

hy4_4yh - YAVAY hy4_4yh is back this summer with its new album YAVAY which will be on sale on August 10.

It’s the first album of the idol group under a major label.

The clip of One Night Carnival was unveiled. Watch it below.

The album will be available in regular and limited/deluxe editions.

The CD will include 10 new songs.

The DVD will include several clips video of the group’s singles and a new clip of the song K.U.N.F.U.


  • CD
    1. K.U.N.F.U
    2. Wannabe RHYMESTER
    3. ONE NIGHT CARNIVAL~ Tickeee-Teens Rōdo (ONE NIGHT CARNIVAL 〜ティッケー・ティーンズロード)
    4. Funky Perfect World
    5. SARU WARS
    6. Tickeee Yarou (ティッケー野郎)
    8. Kanon (κανών(カノン))
    9. Rainbow Maker
    10. Taiyou Sound (太陽サウンド)
  • DVD
    • Music Video
      1. K.U.N.F.U
      2. Love Genome
      3. Yavay Japan 2020
      4. Oh ! Sista
      5. Tickeee on the Beach (ティッケー・オン・ザ・ビーチ)
      6. hi-Tunes ~Yavay Party Anthem
      7. Tickeee Daisakusen~Yavay (ティッケー大作戦 ~YAVAY)

Clip Vidéo (MV)

hy4_4yh - YAVAY

hy4_4yh - YAVAY