Ikoma Rina in the sequel of Corpse Party

Ikoma Rina - Corpse PartyA sequel to horror movie Corpse Party, starring Ikoma Rina (Nogizaka46), is slated for production.

Ikoma Rina plays the role of a student named Nakashima Naomi.The other main cast members are also back : Ikeoka Ryosuke, Maeda Nozomi and Jun (Bee Shuffle).

With console game and comic book sales reaching more than 100,000 and 1 billion respectively, and with forays into novelizations, original animes, and a drama CD (voice dramatization), the live action horror adventure game Corpse Party, the live action film was a smash hit when it was released in August 2015.

The simultaneous release on Niconico Online Cinemas was a wild success. Faithfully reproducing the horror of the original works, Ikoma Rina stunned audiences. Corpse Party stayed in theaters until October, characterizing it as a long-running smash hit.

This sequel is directed by Yamada Masafumi again.

Corpse Party is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. The special edition includes bonus footage, with a total of 108 minutes of running time. The new release Blu-ray / DVD includes photo sets of the 4 actors.

Ikoma Rina - Corpse Party

Ikoma Rina - Corpse Party

Ikoma Rina - Corpse Party