Izukoneko – Saigo no Neko Koujou

Izukoneko - Saigo no Neko KoujouIzukoneko’s 1st album Saigo no Neko Koujou (最後の猫工場) will be released on September 5.

The album includes 7 original songs and 6 remix by DJ.

It will only be sold at Tower Records.

Regular Edition

  • CD
    1. White Clock
    2. Fake Town
    3. Nostalgie El
    4. Rainy Irony
    5. Jupiter Girl
    6. Hair Cat Dance
    7. Last Cat Factory
    8. Jupiter Girl (DJ Usyn D&B Remix)
    9. Nostalgie El (Akinyan Electro DS Remix)
    10. Rainy Irony (DJ Seven House Remix)
    11. Nostalgie El (69mix)
    12. Nostalgie El (DJ Amaya Remix)
    13. Rainy Irony (皮茶パパ&PsycheSayBoom!!! Remix)

Jupiter Girl Music Video

Rainy Irony Music Video

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