Jessica Veranda J.V. ~Oshare~ (JKT48)

Jessica Veranda - J.V. ~Oshare~JKT48’s Jessica Veranda’s photobook J.V. ~Oshare~ will be released on January 17.

In this photobook, Jessica Veranda reveals her beauty secrets. It includes pictures from a fashion photo session which took place in Tokyo.

J.V. ~Oshare~ contains also a special interview with JKT48’s fashion leader Jessica Veranda.

Check out some photos.

The book has 52 pages. It comes with a B2-size poster available in 3 edition.

It includes a ticket to participate in a 2-shot photo session with Jessica Veranda from January 17 to 26 at JKT48 Theater in Jakarta.

J.V. ~Oshare~ is the 2nd photobook from a member of JKT48. The previous one was dedicated to Melody Nurramdhani Laksani.

Jessica Veranda - J.V. ~Oshare~

Jessica Veranda (JKT48)

Jessica Veranda (JKT48)

Jessica Veranda (JKT48)