Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)Jyujyu (じゅじゅ) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014.

It consists of 2 members : Neu and Shirai.

Biography / History

Jyujyu were created in March 2014.

Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)Shirai and Neu appear on the Cheerz mobile app for smartphones since December 2014.

The concept of the idol group is the keyword “curse” (呪). The female duo expresses the absurdity of the society, the jealousy, the envy, and the darkness of the internet throughout their songs.

Their 1st single idoll was released in January 2015.

Jyujyu were the first artists to sign under Tower Records’ label Hako Records. As a result, posters were displayed at Tower Records shops as part of the No Music, No Idol? campaign to promote the single Zero (零) in August 2015.

Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)Their 1st album Ikenie (イケニエ) is going to be on sale in February 2016. The cover artwork was made by illustrator Imai Kira. The girls were wearing gothic lolita black dresses designed by Angelic Pretty fashion brand.

In conjunction, Jyujyu 2nd One-Man Live will be held in March 2016 at Tokyo Kinema Club.

Shirai announced her graduation in late February 2016. As a result, the staff told that the idol group was on hiatus. Auditions are going to be held in March to recruit new members and restart activities in the spring.


  • Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)
  • Years active : 2014 – present
  • Label : Hako Recordsc
  • Agency : Xidea


  • Neu (ねう)
  • Shirai (しらい)



  • 14/01/2015 : idoll
  • 02/08/2015 : Zero (零 ; Rei)
  • 31/10/2015 : Gekkou Pierrot (月光ピエロ)


  • 23/02/2016 : Ikenie (イケニエ)



Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)