Kamen Rider Girls – Alteration


Kamen Rider Girls - AlterationKamen Rider Girls’ 1st album Alteration has been released on March 20.

The album contains 14 songs. It includes Kamen Rider Girls’ first 5 singles.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring music videos and document clips.


  • CD
    1. Accelerate to the Eternal
    2. Alteration
    3. Last Engage
    4. Borderline
    5. Prisoner
    6. Mr Notice
    7. Let’s Go RiderKick 2011 (Album Ver.)
    8. Kamen Rider V3 (Album Ver.)
    9. Just the Beginning
    10. Survive
    11. Saite (咲いて) (Album Ver.)
    12. Ima demo (今でも)
    13. Girls Anthem ~with our Big Luv~
    14. Heavy Metal Strikes Back ~Chimamire no Messiah Tachi~ (Heavy Metal Strikes Back ~血まみれの救世主(メサイア)たち~)
  • DVD (Limited Edition)
    1. Last Engage (Music Video)
    2. Just the Beginning (Music Video)
    3. Saite (咲いて) (Music Video)
    4. Mystic Liquid (Document Clip)
    5. Play for Tomorrow (Document Clip)