Karat☆ to disband


Karat☆ (からっと☆)Karat☆ announced their disbandment.

The 5 members of the idol group are going to stop their activities in June.

A message posted on their official website explains that this decision is due to difficulties in the organizational structure of their management agency.

The date of Karat☆ graduation live and ceremony hasn’t been determined yet.

As a result, the release of theiir 1st album has been cancelled.

Karat☆ was formed in February 2012. They released 5 singles since their debut.

The members are also ambassadors for the Japan Karaage Association (日本唐揚協会) which is dedicated to fried chicken.

Karat☆ (からっと☆)



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    I’m listening them right now… and crying :'(

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