Katsuta Rina (S/mileage) – Rina to Rina

Katsuta Rina (S/mileage) - Rina to RinaKatsuna Rina (S/mileage) is going to release her solo DVD Rina to Rina in April.

This is the 1st solo DVD from Katsuta Rina in the e-Hello! series.

A trailer has been released.

Katsuna Rina joined S/mileage as a 2nd generation member in 2011. She was previously part of Hello Pro Egg.

The item can be pre-ordered on e-LineUP! from January 29 to February 17. It is also available on CDJapan.

Moreover, a special event will be held on April 15 in Tokyo.

Katsuta Rina (S/mileage) - Rina to Rina